The Chilly Peppers is a USFS Open Adult and ISI Adult synchronized skating team that was established over twenty years ago in Dallas. The team is comprised of accomplished competitive and show skaters, as well as advanced recreational skaters. The average age of the team is mid-thirties, with an age range of 21 to 50+. The Chilly Peppers have won various awards including the title of ISI National Adult Synchronized Team Champions and have medaled at the US Figure Skating Midwestern Synchronized Sectional Championships. The Chilly Pepper name happened by chance when, one day during a practice team members were looking at color samples for a skating garment. One of the colors was “chile pepper red”, and they thought it would be a unique name for the team but with a spelling change to “chilly”. Thus, the name Texas Chilly Peppers was established.

Over the years, the team has participated in local ice shows and television programs. In particular, the Peppers performed in an exhibition number during the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Dallas, where Michelle Kwan won her seventh career U.S. ladies title. The team also performed during Bank of America Celebration of Gold held in Dallas in 2001. The show featured past Olympic gold medalists such as Brian Boitano, Tara Lipinksi, Oksana Bauil, Illia Kulik and Victor Petrenko.

Practice Schedule

The season typically begins in August or September and runs through March or April, please see the Schedule page for detail. The team meets once per week for one hour of off-ice practice and one hour on-ice.

Practice attire: Black skating pants and top, tennis shoes, hair pulled back.